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On the 11th of January 2012 we had our Isuzu truck delivered directly to AC Motor Homes. We had been asked to visit the factory 4 times within the production period.

Isuzu truck before modification

On the 11th we sat down and discussed exactly what we wanted, chose cabinet material, counter tops and so much more. It was a good day!

Mobile home halfway complete

The second time we visited was on the 8th of February and this time she was almost half way complete. We had to confirm various production queries and choose the fabric for the curtains and benches. It was awsome to see one’s dreams coming to life right before your eyes.

Ok! for the people waiting for the up to date pics, they are here. we have just been for our 3rd and final visit before we pick up our home in about 3  weeks.
Aint she beautiful? note the automatic areal, solar panels, aircon and access hatch on the roof.
If you look closely you will notis an open area on the roof at the back. This will be used for game viewing or to erect a 2 man tent.

Have a look at the space Sharlene has above her head – the shot has been taken from the back towards the front cab. On the right of her is the fridge and microwave. The picture on the right is our reverse osmosis water purifier. Bottom left is our sink, dishwasher and the blue washing machine. The sink is rather special as the stove is connected to it. If for any reason a pot should boil over it will just go down the drain. You can also close it to make a flat counter top.


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