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This is a list of products we have used in the building of our mobile home and the various manufacturers. We will also be listing various other products that we find useful as we travel. As we start our travelling club these members will also be adding to this database. We are trying to create a site where products, lodges, hotels etc that are listed on this site do not pay for the service, they will be listed for free. This will ensure that information you get from this site will be unbiased and accurate. We will be charging them for links to their own websites but this will be a minimal charge.


The secret to building this mobile home is the vehicle.  Forget the fact that we had to have a 4×4, this home could not have been built without the truck being a crew cab (double cab).  The only way to use a truck and create a walk through environment  is with this one of its kind 4×4 truck. It also had to drive and feel like a big car and this small truck fits the bill exactly.  Isuzu has worked with our mobile home manufacturer to make sure we don’t lose our warranty. Here are some basic specs:

Isuzu truck before modification

  • Turbocharged & intercooled
  • Fuel injection, common rail
  • 4 cylinders
  • 5 liter motor
  • Diesel
  • 6 gears
  • 6 tonne
  • power steering

We will be taking the mobile home through its paces and will let you know how she fares.

Posted March 8, 2012 by 4x4mobileadventures

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