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It took 5 years before we were able to build our mobile home and all the thanks goes to AC Motorhomes.On our search to fulfill our dreams and mobile home requirements, we spoke to many manufacturers and even had one manufacturer take our ideas and try to copy them, but he seems to have disappeared. Hein Visser started working for AC Motorhomes in 2006 and purchased the company in 2009. The company started operating in 1998 and has a collective manufacturing experience of over 50 years. Very seldom in my life have I come across a truly honest person, especially when it comes to business. The quote on manufacturing the home was set out in such a way that you could clearly see all the costs and were absolutely sure what Hein’s profit margin was. This may not seem like a big deal but all the other manufactures would give an estimated price of the extras. Hein keeps all the invoices of all the extras (basin, toilet, stove, fridges etc) for you to see. He has actively tried to save us money by trying to get better prices  without comprimising on quality. He has saved us over R15 000 through discounts his company obtains, and by supplying different products from those he had originally quoted on.  Most businessmen I know would organise the discounts to come back to the company via a kickback system which leaves the customer thinking he has recieved the best deal possible. Not Hein –  he knows exactly how much profit he wants to make and no more, a real old school type of gentleman.

These were the specs I gave AC Motorhomes: must not look like a caravan inside but more like a 5 star hotel suite, must be able to walk from cab to home section without stopping the vehicle and it must be easy to do so, must be a full 4×4, must be able to draw water out of a river and into the water tanks with its own water pump and have a basic filter system, we should not lose our warranty on the vehicle, tv set with an automatic aligning aerial for satalite decoder, reverse osmosis waterpurifier, solar panels, airconditioning unit, 2 spare wheels, winch to lift spare wheels on and off the back of mobile home, maximum amount of petrol and water (we now have 200 L of both), fixed compressor with long enough hose to pump up tyres, silent generator, roof must be able to be used as a place to erect a small tent or to be used as a game viewing deck for sundowners, roof must be accessible from inside the home, must have a railing around the roof, must have an eye level fridge and freezer, a second freezer accessible from outside, a pull out kitchen for outside, outside shower, full awning, hidden safe, shower, toilet, on Hein’s suggestion a reverse camera that can help with security at night in remote places, outside lights on both sides of home, a bullbar with winch, full electrical system (inverters, led lighting, battery pack, chargeable from mains, vehicle generator and solar), convection and grill microwave oven,dishwasher, hot running water, cannot be built like normal mobile homes as we will be climbing up and down mountains with it, and we will be towing a small suzuki 4×4 Jimny behind us and the vehicle must be able to cope with this.


Mike on coarse in the Suzuki Jimny


Look at that back wheel!

   Mike on 4x4 coarse       

Mike on 4x4 coarse



Posted March 1, 2012 by 4x4mobileadventures

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