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Seven years ago I met my fiancee Sharlene. I had been very sick for 5 years before meeting her, in fact I had just spent the previous year in bed. I had a seizure which had damaged the right hand side of my brain. We soon discovered we were soulmates, both needing lots of healing from our pasts.  We started traveling together extensively throughout South Africa and Namibia. The natural energy of wild beautiful places can go a long way towards healing anything. South Africa and Namibia have so much to offer as far as wild pristine open places go, and they have every different biosphere that exists.This was the very beginning of our journey.


The brain is a wonderfull thing.  I was a completely new person, from having absolutely no artistic ability at all to becoming an artie-fartie person overnight. When I see the world arround me now I see beautifull colors and shapes,

My first pics, North Coast South Africa

sunsets that are so beautiful I feel the beauty instead of seeing it. Animals took on a whole new dimension in my life.  They were no longer separate from me, instead they had become part of me . If I had sat my old self (before brain damage) down and tried to explain how to see the beauty, I would not have been able to comprehend what I was saying.

My first pics, Karoo South Africa

The logical, analytical side of my brain is damaged, thus turning me into one of those wierdos that are plugged into mother earth. In my past I would have killed any spider or bug in my way, but now I will remove them to a safe place and feel a deep connection to them, almost as if they are part of my very being. Strange isn’t it? My ability now to add three numbers together is almost zero and spelling is way, way worse than it ever was.  The spell check helps little as not even the computer can work out what I am saying half the time. Thank goodnes for my better half, she is a great editor.

First pics taken, Karoo South Africa

First pics taken, Namibia Fish River Canyon

While on our travels I would long to show people what I was seeing, and also wanted to know if what I was seeing was real and not my imagination.  Sharlene suggested I try taking photos. I had often throughout my life taken photos and tried to develop the skills but just did not have any ability. I started taking photos not expecting anything, and to my amazement I was able to capture what was in my head, and so started my love affair with the camera.

My first pics, Namaqualand South Africa

The next discovery was truly life-changing. PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS! Photoshop and especially Elements works by using pictures to explain the function of the tools, and my brain now works the same way. To describe how my brain functioned before, it was like a computer reading data.                              Now I see everything in pictures, much like Photoshop Elements.

My first pics, Karoo South Africa

I now have a terrible short term memory so remembering keyboard shortcuts as in Photoshop CS5 is impossible When I see a picture, my brain retains the functions associated with it. I now am very capable with photo manipulation and am improving every day.

Latest pics from my portfolio, Mozambique

Since 2008 (five years now) we have wanted to travel into the most remote places in Southen Africa but as we are both fifty-odd years old roughing it is not an option.

New pics from my portfolio, Sani Vally Drakensberg South Africa

We had come up with our requirements needed to follow our dream: a mobile home with full four x four capabilities, ability to walk from the driver area into the home without getting out of the vehicle, total self sufficiency, toilet, shower, water purifier and so on, utilization of the roof for a tent or game viewing, roof access from inside the vehicle, and much more.

New pics from my portfolio, Table Mountain

We had spoken to all the mobile home builders in South Africa but without luck. The main problem was the vehicle . In November 2011 we approached the only company (as far as we are concerned)  that could build the quality product we were looking for.

Mobile Home interior

Isuzu truck before modification

The last time we had spoken to them was about 3    years prior and we had had no luck then. Now  under new management and with a new vehicle available to build on, AC motor homes came up with the answers to building our dream mobile home. They started building in January 2012 and will complete in April.

Mobile home under construction

This site is going to document the building process, list the suppliers and give general information on how we have built our mobile home.  I will also be uploading my photographic portfolio and updating it as we travel.  Thirdly, we would like to create a site for all four x four mobile home owners in Southern Africa whereby they can join our club and share information.